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Sterilization Products

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At HiDent, we prioritize both quality and affordability, striving to provide sterilization consumables that meet or exceed industry standards while offering competitive pricing options. We understand the importance of delivering value to our customers without compromising on the integrity of sterilization processes.
We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet the stringent requirements of sterilization processes in healthcare facilities and laboratories. Our range of sterilization consumables is designed to ensure the utmost protection for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Let’s explore our offerings:

1. Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches:
Our self-sealing sterilization pouches offer a reliable and user-friendly solution for packaging and sterilizing medical instruments and supplies. These pouches are equipped with a self-adhesive strip that allows for quick and easy sealing without the need for additional equipment. The self-sealing mechanism creates a secure barrier, maintaining the sterility of the contents until the pouches are ready for use. Available in various sizes, these pouches cater to different instrument types and facilitate an efficient sterilization process.

2. Heat Sealing Sterilization Reels:
Our heat sealing sterilization reels are designed to ensure a tight and effective seal for medical instruments and supplies. These reels are compatible with heat-sealing machines and provide an airtight barrier against contaminants. Available in different widths and lengths, they offer flexibility to accommodate various instrument sizes. The heat-sealable material guarantees the integrity of the packaging throughout the sterilization process, safeguarding the contents until needed.

3. Sterilization Tapes:
Our sterilization tapes are indispensable tools for indicating the successful completion of the sterilization process. These adhesive tapes feature color-changing indicators that provide a clear visual confirmation when the sterilization conditions have been met. Available in different sizes, they can be easily applied to pouches, wraps, or other packaging materials to offer a quick and convenient method for verifying sterility.

4. Class 4 Chemical Indicators:
Our class 4 chemical indicators are designed to monitor critical parameters of the sterilization process, such as temperature and time. These indicators undergo a distinct color change when exposed to the appropriate sterilization conditions, offering a visual confirmation of the successful sterilization cycle. Class 4 indicators are a valuable addition to any sterilization procedure, ensuring accuracy and reliability in monitoring the process.

5. Class 6 Chemical Indicators (Integrators):
Our class 6 chemical indicators, also known as integrators, provide a more comprehensive assessment of the sterilization process. These indicators monitor multiple critical parameters simultaneously, including time, temperature, and steam penetration. With a clear visual indication when all parameters have been met, class 6 indicators offer increased confidence in the efficacy of the sterilization process, especially for complex instrument sets and challenging sterilization scenarios.

6. Bowie-Dick Test Packs:
Our Bowie-Dick test packs are specifically designed to assess the performance of vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers. These packs contain a specialized indicator that detects air removal efficiency and steam penetration within the sterilization chamber. Daily use of Bowie-Dick test packs ensures the consistent functionality and reliability of sterilization equipment, helping to identify any potential issues and maintain a high standard of sterilization.

7. Sterilization Instrument Containers/Cassettes:
Our sterilization instrument containers/cassettes provide a secure and organized solution for sterilizing, storing, and transporting surgical instruments. These containers are constructed with durable materials and come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different instrument sets. They offer maximum protection during the sterilization process and facilitate easy handling of instruments from sterilization to surgical settings.

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